David & Nadia: Siebritskloof Wine Range

Wine Creative: Wine label design

Siebritskloof wine label design for David & Nadia.

The Siebritskloof Range from David & Nadia has been one of my favourite projects to work on! Everyone put a lot of hard work and love into this new range and the end result is a beautifully packaged wine bottle that will catch your eye and delight your palette!

The label is an impressionist approach with layer on layer of meaning and symbolism.

David’s brief was to use a topography map of the mountain that David & Nadia are based in, the Paardeberg. The topography map was used as a canvas and the idea of a black bush vine was created on top of the mountain’s contours. The black paint resembles the Swartland, the Blackland. The red and yellow paint over the valley indicates the origin of where the grapes are from, the Siebritskloof.

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