SANOE - Creamed Honey

Corporate Identity & Packaging: Logo Design | Label Design

Sanoe Corporate Identity & Packaging Design.

Logo design:

Sleek and simple logo. Minimalistic but striking. The slogan is: ‘Premium by Nature’, this is symbolised by the ‘A’ & the ‘O’ which represent a mountain, and a sun.


Packaging Design:

SANOE is a company that exports Creamed Honey. I had to design four labels:  Bluegum, Fynbos, Lucerne and Special Blend.

The labels has to convey to the consumer that the honey is a premium product. The labels are bright and colourful like the flower from which the bees make their honey. The colourful labels will attract attention and the sketches of the flora informs the consumer what the flower, which produces the nectar, looks like.